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Pre-Engineer Classes (Age: 3-5)

Pre-Engineers (Ages 3-5)

Preschoolers investigate, explore, express, develop fine motor skills and share their ideas and encourage learning through hands-on experience using LEGO Education age-appropriate tools.

Our Learning Targets:

Early Math: Counting and comparing, identifying numerals, pattern recognition, and sorting and classifying
Early Science: Gathering and presenting data, explaining events and outcomes, and using senses and devices to learn
Early Literacy: Building early reading skills, building early writing skills, recognizing sounds, and developing alphabet knowledge
Social and Emotional Development: Discovering family, exploring the greater community, respecting diversity, developing communication skills, and understanding teamwork
Playful Learning through Music: Encouraging and supporting curriculum-based learning.

Classes held at Little Engineers's facility are 'drop-off' based. There are couches available in the lobby for the convenience of the guardians.
Please return 15 minutes prior to the end of class to ensure you see your student's creations.

Pre-Engineer Lego Duplo Tech Exploration $40 per classPlan available for $85No purchase required to enroll

Problem-solving activities designed to enable students to explore, investigate, and solve tasks!

Duplo II - Duplo Discoveries $85Purchase required to enroll

Take Duplo builds to the next level with simple mechanisms!

Duplo Tech - Themed Building Explorations $40Purchase required to enroll

Our pre-engineers (ages 3-5years old) will learn new vocabulary words, build cool machines, and use special Lego screwdrivers to grow the necessary motor skills needed to work with Lego brick technologies! Little Engineer Facilitators guide participants through themed exercises (such as: construction, oceans, and space!) in a play learning style that keep kids engaged and learning while having lots of fun!

Pre Simple Machines I - Introductory to Brick Building $115Purchase required to enroll

Using standard sized legos, this class introduces students to key simple machine concepts while building teamwork and communication skills!

Pre-Engineers Duplo Tech Explorations $90Purchase required to enroll

This class is broken into two segments that cater to the student's skill set and experience. The first segment is Duplo Tech which introduces the students to take their first steps into science and technology! Preschoolers learn about machines, the tools used to work on machines, and their function. The class is made up of LEGO DUPLO bricks including screwdrivers, integrated screws that click into place for sturdy model creation, reels, hooks, scoops, and propellers. The second segment introduces the students to experience pulleys, gears, and wheels and axles while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance by building fun and simple models such as a seesaw, a rolling vehicle, a spinning top, a raft, and many more. With this fun and engaging class, students enhance their problem-solving skills while improving communication skills.